Saturday, February 28, 2009

Finishing 2nd....and 1st?!

Midland ISD held the seventh grade boys basketball tournament to decide the city camp this weekend. My school, San Jacinto - which is named for the decisive battle of the Texas Revolution - had 3 teams in the tourney. During the regular season my team finished 8-2 and took 3rd in league. The other teams finished 10-0 and 4-6. I had the 3rd seed in the tourney which gave my team a long shot in making it to the championship. We took our first two games by 20 points and were playing lights out. Those wins game my team a shot at playing a revenge game against a team that beat us by 3 points in December. My team was considered by many to be a long shot at the beginning of the year. But I had faith. Again, even after an 8-2 season we were considered to have no chance. Guess again people! This morning, my boys took on the team with two 6 footers. It was a gave they were not susposed to win but that is the beauty of sports. To make the long story short "that team" got run out of the building as we won by 12, 40-28, to advance to the championship 2 hours later.

Unfortunently they came up short losing by 6 after a furious 4th quarther finish in which we outscored them 12-4. Call it a combination of being tired from the first game and full from all the crap they ate between. Anyway, at least we lost to the other team at my school - a team in which I had just as much a part in coaching as my own. Therefore this second place finish also netted me first! =)

Monday, February 16, 2009


This past spring I was presented with a gift from my Grandmother, my late great uncle's lettermen's jacket from Washington State University. My uncle Joe played football for the Crimson n' Gray during the mid 1950s. Megan and I are the only two in the family other than my uncle to have graduated from WAZZU. I was honored to receive the jacket and it finally has a perminate place in our home.

On each side are mine and Megan's diploma. I have another in the form of a Masters degree but have yet to purchase a frame.

Now I remember why...

...I never picked up the carpenters pamphlet at career day!

Megan and I are finally getting around to putting pictures on the our walls. The reason - we have been busy painting, sanding, and tearing up carpet. Not to mention coaching and everything that goes on with that. Anyway, first I had to sand down the walls in the kitchen (about 4 months ago) and the dining area (Sunday afternoon). Then I filled in the holes with spackle. After that the walls were ready for primer. If you haven't used primer before the smell is awful. After that a coat of yellow and then a second coat and what you have is what is above.