Thursday, March 27, 2008

No Shame in losing to UNC

Let me give you a couple of numbers. 16, the number of 3-point shots attempted by WSU. 2, the number of 3-point shots made by WSU. Another number 31, Wazzu's shooting percentage. What about this one, 11-44, the combined shooting of Rochestie, Low, Weaver, and Cowgill. Bottom line, the Cougs simply shot poorly - they had great shots for most of the night but nothing could break through that invisable barrier. The bottom-bottom line - North Carolina is one amazing team! Congrats to the Cougs for advancing to the Sweet 16. I am grateful to have been apart of it as one of your biggest fans. [I am having problems breaking this up into paragraphs and it is making me very mad - I am sorry.] Before I finish I do want to give you a few more numbers. 1,500, number in attendence at my first WSU basketball game in 2001. 9,200, average attendence in 2007-2008. 1, number of PAC-10 wins in 2001-2002 season. 24, number of PAC-10 wins in the past 2 seasons. My-oh-my how things that changed. Next year Tony Bennett has his best recruiting class tripping to Pullman, 5 - fabulous freshman to be exact. In a word, they are "scary" good! And all this talk about Bennett leaving is pre-mature - he ain't leavin' Pullman - not yet. So the future looks promising - I look forward to seeing what is in store for the WSU basketball team.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

How Sweet 16 It Is!

Perhaps the national media has not noticed yet but the Cougs can play some basketball. Watching ESPN and cruisin' the yet for all I could find, maybe one or two media maroons picked us to win over Notre Dame. Okay, so Notre Dame was fast - took care of it. So they had one monster big guy in the middle - I wasn't impressed. So they play fast and we play slow. Whatever, we got it done and took them Catholic school boys to the wood shed in the process. And how 'bout them Cougs! Derek Low played perhaps the best game I have seen hime play since dropping 39 on Oregon a year ago. He was on fire and that fall-away three pointer at the end of the first half - that was one sweet stroke. Another thing, Low was playin' some monster 'D' tonight. Nothing was getting past him. And of course, let us not forget the Dream Weaver. You know, everyone says that he plays like a Nate McMillian. I got two words for ya'll - Scottie Pippen! It is all most like a mirror image - guy plays excellant defense, perhaps the best in the nation, can shot the ball from all areas of the court, quick hands, great spend, rebounds, un-selfish, and is lighthing quick. Did you see that block in the towards the end of the game - WOW!

Next up for the Cougs - NORTH CAROLINA! A childhood favorite of mine, mostly because Michael Jordan was and still is my all-time favorite but you just cannot beat their tradition. That being said, WSU is going to win. Laugh if you want but Carolina plays the same style of ball that Notre Dame does. Only difference, and it is a big difference, North Carolina can flat out play ball. They shoot lights out, play great defense, rebound well, and just kill you with their speed. Oh yeah and they have Tyler Hansbrough - perhaps the best player in all of college basketball. Thing is, I think and so do some others I know, that the Cougs match up well against Carolina. They are not to big and in many ways mirror us in height at both the guards and forwards. Also, Carolina could have problems with out style of play. Last time I checked no team in the ACC plays a slow, half court style of basketball. That is going to be our advantage because we do not match up talent wise against Carolina. They have more talent but we just might have the better team! Will find out next week. Till then, DON'T STOP BELIEVIN' and LET'S GO COUGS!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Signing Isabella's Shirt

1. Derek Low 2. Coach Bennett

3. Kyle Weaver 4. Pretty Sweet!

Kickin' Back with the Cougar Basketball Team

To celebrate the WSU Men's Basketball team heading to the NCAA Tournament for the second straight year the school held a section show party for the team and fans over spring break. Around 2,000 fans were in attendance and the team stuck around to sign autographs. I was able to get a poster signed by the entire team including Tony Bennett while Isabella had her shirt signed by Robbie Cowgill, Kyle Weaver, Derek Low, Taylor Rodchestie, and Coach Bennett.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What's New

Ryan and Megan are proud to announce that we are expecting our third child, a girl, due on the Fourth of July. As of today, we have yet to decide on a name but seem to have narrowed our choices. The names cannot be relieved since we are trying to keep a secret for once in our lives.

Isabella just turned 4 years old and we celebrated her first ever birthday on February 29th. Tough being a Leap Day baby. It was a wonderful party that was shared by both families and some of Izzy's best girlfriends.

Wyatt is turning 2 years old this April 14. He is really coming into his own and has added his own sweet spirit to our family. He spends his days mostly watching Disney's Cars, or Cha-Chow!, as he loves to call it.

Megan and I just celebrated our firth wedding anniversary on March 15th. We did not do much, just went to dinner and took a stroll around the mall. Perhaps if things were not so busy something else may have happened. Fortunately he have several more anniversaries remaining.

That is all for now. Come back and see us again.