Thursday, May 22, 2008

This is annoying!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so tired of trying to upload pictures or videos on here and it not working.  It is so annoying and I am sick of it!  

Sorry I just had to say it!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"The Baby" has a name!

If you failed to guess, I am letting you off the hook. "The Baby" as we have been calling her is now Jazlynn Christine. Her name is in the baby book however I just mixed words to when I was thinking of names - I was actually surprised to see it in the book. Anyway, Isabella is responsible for chosing the names. I liked Bailee while Megan liked Jazlynn; so when we left it to Isabella it made it easy give in. Isabella took all of 1 second to decide on Jazlynn.

A little bit about her name. Christine is my mother's name and Lynn is Megan's mom's middle name. Therefore all three children have some tradition passed on to them. Isabella's middle name, Marie, is the tradition middle name for all the first girls born on Megan's mother's side. Wyatt has my name as his middle name. My hope is that he will either pass that on to his children as a middle name or use his first name as the middle name for all his future boys. And Jazlynn has a part of both families. Hopefully all our children grow up to love their names!